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There are times when we all get a little tired, frustrated, moving slower than normal and we all need to help each other before the big cat catches us.  This is humorous on helping out when we can.  It could be a long run and we all can use the lift every now and then.
Truck colliding with barriers at 50mph
*Something to think about when your mountain climbing.  If that goat would have been tied off this would not have happened!!!   J
Great clips of the power of hand tools.
1   -   2    -
Explosives Video, Redneck's and Chemistry
Yep    stupidity should and is painful
Hope his kids did not see how stupid he was

People will do anything.  Dich Surrfing  Horse Play 
Do at home NOT on the job

I do not know what he is saying but the message is certainly clear.
Helments and Hard Hats Save Lives

Nail Gun  Danger 
HorsePlay, Compressed gas Cylinder THINK  if he missed that barrel by 5 inches It would of split his head wide open on the netal edge of barrel I would fire and try to have Manslsughter charges on every one involved if he died 
Quitting time at the mines.  You think Traffic is bad in LA?
People  putting them selfs in danger

Dont mock Fire Men like this man
  You may think it's funny  If a fireman dies saving your family's life   or yours You would change your mind about them and their fire fighting training See gas truck fire below. Man in trouble
Viedo  Stupid man

Gas Truck  fire Stupid Worker
 Cell 1   And then Second Half    Cell 2

Distractions, Pay Attention to Surroundings
Man Killed  Texting on Cell Phone

Cell Phone Carma

5 Videos 
What people think  I have not a clue
1   -   2   -  3  -  4  -  5

Changing Flat  Dangerous 
Loading a small Loader on to truck
  I would fire the show off
Beware of your Surroundings
 Whatch out for the Fan