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Fall 1

Ladder Accident



Electric Jump Video




Telephone Pole Accident




Minning Painting Accident  


Great Fred  all most done

The word accident was penned, for the redemption of careless men  / Bob



I'm sorry it was an accident


It wasn't your fault  " the accident happed, because the road was slick.


it was not your fault the bald tire blew out


It was an accident, the safety engineer is not perfect


It was an accident. I did not mean to drink to much. My boss fired me


Nobody told me, the railing was loose,  I would of never climbed up on it to adjust that value. It was an accident


I would of never passed on a curb
if I thought a car might be coming 
 It was an accident


Hey" It was an accident , the inspector never red tagged  it


It was an accident, the manual did not say you had to take it out of neural before putting the DC  back on it's right side up after it fell on it's side on a hill


Was not my fault that It was an accident,
I'm not in charge,  I just work here


How did this happen? I don't no
It was just an accident

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