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A safety inspector drives by a work site after hours and sees that they forgot to slide the board over the man hole. 
He spends 10 minutes writing a citation, jumps back in the truck, and leaves it uncovered. His integrity to safety Is the same as the man that puts a obstacle in front of a blind man  / Bob
The highest compliment a man can receive for his hard work, is not in words" It's getting paid / Bob
If a safety officer thinking is like a tumbleweed, his integrity about  safety will change direction as the wind blows, /Bob
 A warning sign must describe the warring correctly,
For if a golfer hits a bad ball and yells fire "every one looks in stead of ducking / Bob
  Never feel worthless you got there first once /  Bob     If the warning sign has faded with age,
Don't presume that warning is not as clear
as the day the sign was posted / Bob
Common sense should  tell you their could be danger even
 where there is no warning sign, by seeing the tracks a
train could be coming. / Bob
Many men unconsciously break safety rules, because they have been taught, Just say  " I'm sorry and they will be absolve  of any responsibility.  / Bob
  If you don't want people to touch a freshly painted wall
Put the wet paint sign on the opposite wall. / Bob
Just because you carry the title manager, does not mean that you are recognized as deserving it / Bob  
A safety officer that skirts the law, is a leader of lawlessness./ Bob
The reason why people keep going around safety rules because they are wearing two left shoes.  / Bob
Just because you wear the pants only proves you are half dressed to take out the garbage./Bob  
To disobey a safety sign is the same as a dog that chases cars.  / Bob
  Safety signs came into existence for many men have no
common sense. / Bob
If the safety advisor believes that his job makes a different
then is thinking is headed in the right direction / Bob
  If you are the manager, No question about it. 
You are not the Boss./ Bob
  Manly men think to ignore a warning sign makes them manly.
However many death are contributed to manly men. / Bob
A heavy equipment driver has a habit of ignoring warning signs. most likely he speeds up to run a yellow light  / Bob
To show respect  warning signs is proved by an accident free day / Bob  
  A living warning sign is the best deterrent possible,
according to my Pit bull / Bob
A man jumped up off the ground two feet five inches
The other man jumped 5 inches 
The first man concluded the second man failed.
 The second man had only one leg.
If all men were leaders who would lead them?/  Bob
If a teacher give a studant an F"  He then is subconsciously proving to himself that as a teacher he is a failure / Bob
A dedicated safety instructor will not go 65 around a corner that has a sign that says " sharp curve 45, / Bob  
Forced necessity is the beginning of commercialism / Bob
  When a leader yells and screens
He ends up with tail tucking employees  /  Bob
Each day that you walk in knowledge of what you did yesterday.
 Is the beginning of wisdom that can lead you to
 success tomorrow / Bob
  History can only be changed, before the future arrives  / Bob   Definition of a unqualified leader Is. He yells fore when a tree is falling,  and also looks up when someone says "hey a dead bird / Bob
Safety is not solved by fines,
It it solved by grasping the concept of appreciation for life /
  It's your Problem.  It's my choice to make, or not make it my problem / Bob  
If you read a safety sign in your rear view mirror, It still has the same warning message, just maybe a little too late. /  Bob
No grade can be assigned, to a question of belief / Bob Leaders must take the lead. Not just tell the lead  / Bob
A man that is fired for disobeying an order to break a safety rule,
  Is worth hiring.  / Bob
To teach safety,
 One must not tell the lead, but take the lead / Bob
 A qualified Safety instructor Is a good bet to
become a safety engineer / Bob
For accidents to be eliminated requires all men to seek perfection  / Bob
The promotion of safety must start with those that believe that safety is the cure for accidents.  / Bob  
The reason why a question is asked is,
         not every one is an A+ student / Bob
  It's not the size of font that a safety sign is designed with, 
           It's design should have the ability to promote the signs meaning.  /
(James 2:17) So, too, faith by itself, without works, is dead /Jehovah"   A true volunteer has no title for he is equal in pay / Bob  
Integrity of following direction is only as strong
     as the weakest  part of yellow safety tape/  Bob
If safety is determined by our budget,
   Then our lives depend on our  budgeting ability of priorities / Bob
   oops comes after stupid / Bob  
A tie off rope too long,
    teaches us the definition of the word thump / Bob
Funny" some people can read and follow
the safety warning at 25 yards away,
         and yet can't read and understand  the warnings written
on the package in their front shirt pocket. / Bob
Safety is no accident, it's a planned event /  Bob
A safety infraction is the beginning of an infection.  Bob
Intentions are like dreams, 
when it comes to safety one must wake up or suffer a nightmare  " Bob 

I intended to install new buckles on that harness! 
what a nightmare. "

A distracted society needs to have bumps on the road to tell them
that there is a stop sign ahead   "Bob”

Give me 1 bill to pass in the senate.
and 200 men will spend 45 days to pass it.
  and it will still need to pass in the house.  Bob

The lawn never stop growing says the man that works out of town! 
The closer you stay to the ground 
      The less distance you have to fall.   Bob

  It better to watch a falling star then to fall off one.  Bob
     You really are not thinking!  if you look down and see
              your ropes safety anchor.

Definition of  Pritories 
 My truck has the most up to date safety features, and my men drive my equipment with switches held together with duct tape    

The absent of safety is the reality of many deaths   "Bob
A safety sign with a picture can be read by any language  "Bob
The words " I should of, 
speaks out on the true meaning of a procrastinator

If you Say it
Tweet It
Blog It
Send it
mean it
 Deep in your heart you plant it / Bob

Our failures are usually the options of others incorrect expectations  /  Bob
The word accident was penned, for the redemption of careless men
I'm sorry it was an accident
It wasn't your fault  " the accident happed, because the road was slick.
it was not your fault the bald tire blew out
It was an accident, the safety engineer is not perfect
It was an accident. I did not mean to drink to much. My boss fired me
Nobody told me, the railing was loose,  I would of never climbed up on it to adjust that value. It was an accident
I would of never passed on a curb
if I thought a car might be coming 
 It was an accident
Hey" It was an accident , the inspector never red tagged  it
It was an accident, the manual did not say you had to take it out of neural before putting the DC back on its right side up
 after it fell on it's  side on a hill
Was not my fault that It was an accident,
I'm not in charge,  I just work here

  A man that's jumps off a building to feel a breeze is a Optimistic that   has no concept of being a pessimistic.  Bob   Every thing man made, is man's fault /Bob  
The little boy ask his father How much do you make?
He replied I make a dime every minute.
 The little boy opened up his hand and there was a nickel, then ask.
could I have this much today?
 Take the time to train a miner.
  It could mean the difference of whether he will be able
 to enjoy a barbeque with his family on Saturday or not. /

A man that demonstrates his leadership.

Does not need to

inform others of his title / Bob

  A man who builds the roof first,
has many back pains trying to lay the foundation under it. / Bob
A company that denies integrity for safety is plagued
by the statement"
Workers can ask OSHA to Inspect their Workplace" / Bob
  When a man tells a lie, It may take years of trust to remove the brand that has been burned into his integrity. / Bob   Those  that are in charge of our safety, must not leave us out in the storm to be blown about in the wind, and being shocked by what we do not discern,
to be a safety hazard. /
 “But then acting is all about faking. We're all very good at faking things that we have no competence with. “- John Cleese

You just quoted the definition of  " Hypocrite"
Man who wears a mask
  A man that scatters leadership, plants fruit trees of successful men.
  Not like the man that gathers animosity and scatters hateful debris
   The failure of a leader to use only people qualified to operate a piece of equipment. Is proof that some one hired a man
that was not qualified to be a leader /
Prioritize and eliminate problems in the direction that by removing 
one it solves another.
Example" A man is continually late to work
Then Grade the road so create a smother faster ride.
  If you stand behind a jackass and
don't get kicked,
Then you are a lucky fool
  How can we say letters are stationery, When a letters destiny is to travel abroad to a different station    Bob
When we make our imagination excel,
     it release our thoughts like helping an animal escape from a cage
the reward is we have more Quotes on
 Bob Cornett's Quote Page    Bob

  When a man fall off a ladder he learns
         the definition of sudden impact   

When a Leaders thinks of safety quotes and can't  wait to share
his thoughts on MSHA talk what happens his safety thinking permeates his interests of others lives knowing one thought a man remembers might save many/ Bob
A man with Integrity posses the most powerful attribute a leader can have, 
  Even if he is considered  uneducated and weak  and useless
    by throes who lack knowledge of the definition of Integrity  /  
When a hired leader is compelled to
report an accident,
He is showing his capability of owning his own company. Bob
If you think you are smart!  Then look to the ant.
  For they never questions the loyalty of their friends on the hill,
    they know that they are all loyal to the queen   Bob
Bob Cornett when it comes to our safety he wears it like a glove,
for he try's to supply the best safety knowledge  of all the  .gov's
A stupid man is not smart enough
      to know that he is stupid " Stupid"
A superior leader who is trained with the right objective in mind  
   will take on the task of helping a man with a hope less attitude,
         by treating him as a special rock and polishing it in to a fine stone.
When you grade on a curve
 higher educated people will be forced to reveal their intelligent
    at the cost of colleagues who automatically  are condemned 
         to be portrayed as failures.
As a company peers in to the pond of leaders
    Bait you choice to catch dolphin not carp.
/ Bob
A true leader humbly  accepts a dollar when in need /Bob

If a team of horses are hitched to a wagon and are injured,
       it is the full responsibility of the man that holds the reins. /Bob
  The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided." -  Casey Stengel
May be the real secret  for  a true leader,  is the admonition below by teaching the  one that is not in compliance with reality by your example in the pursuit of peace
(Matthew 5:23, 24) 23 “If, then, you are bringing your gift to the altar and you there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar, and go away; first make your peace with your brother, and then, when you have come back, offer up your gift.  /   Bible
Arguing with an inspector is liking wrestling with a pig in the mud…. After a while you realize the pig loves it.”
Bob Cornett
A highly praised staff and workers,
  are a confident highly successful fast moving organizational team /     Bob
When a leader that is told to compromise by his superiors
 and execute their demands, is no longer a leader but follower. / Bob
The distance of your men
   is defined in the trust they have in your leadership /  Bob
A true leader not only leads with commands,  but takes command by taking the lead / Bob
When a self claimed leader says"  I don't care,  whatever,  it's not my job.
    He is not a leader of men but a destroyer of pride /  Bob
 If it wasn't for people like me you wouldn't  look so good
   Sad to say!  you have to be compared to me to look good / Bob
  Keep excelling in your quest making decisions that will not hinder your course. Bob  
A foul mouth condescending leader is not a leader of men
  but a leader of his cowardly traits, turning respect into mire / Bob
A humble miner wears a safety light on his head
 For he knows he needs help following the path  / Bob
Blameless one does not exist
 even in a lighted day they will stumble into a pit/ Bob
  When a man grabs your shirt tail as you walk through the dark, Is a man that knows that you are a true leader at heart / Bob
 The best safety sign is,
one that compels people to obey/ Bob
The worst safety sign is,
one that is still sitting in the office / Bob
When you are always looking at the past, What don't you see?
The safety sign in front of you / Bob
"Getting through the day is no accident
it's having no accident while getting through the day"/Bob
A good quote
will stimulate the memory to action at a crucial time. / Bob
A Safety inspector issues a hefty citation,
He accomplishes not the value of safety,
He teaches the value of the infraction
/ Bob
   Practical jokers, laugh even when someone get hurt. / Bob
 No matter how many copy's you make of a man,
He still looks the same in a mirror / Bob
 A mine entrance is boarded up.
Sign Posted Danger "Do Not Enter.
Is it secure? No Stupid walks among us.
Blow it up, It's the only way to be sure that you prevent stupidity / Bob  
"Take safety to a new level
A man wears safety plugs to protect his ears from sound damage. He turns to go back to the truck and does not here the warning signal from a excavator backing up. The excavator also needs a strobe light pointed directly in the direction
that it is backing up.  / Bob
One who knowingly accepts wrong advice from a person that has no integrity, is identical to the person that is  giving the advice. / Bob
  If you secretly don't care. Your secret will be broadcast by your actions./  Bob
The one that is in charge uses foul language,
  He does not want to correct the issue,
in stead want to display his learned intelligent / Bob
Six men are leaning on shovels watching one man
 in the trench work.
We call the one in the trench Loyal / Bob
 Cutting corners with safety is proof that you
 are the priority safety hazard. / Bob 
Men argue about who will slide down the slide first.
A true leader speaks up and says"
 Lets build the slide first, then see 
who has the courage to climb the latter. / Bob
Safety prevention and Integrity equals justified satisfaction. / Bob  
It takes less time to secure a safety Hazard
then to complain about someone else not doing their job./ Bob
  When you raise your voice and show your teeth
You will always be viewed as a barking leader./ Bob
That was close means "more attention to safety is needed. / Bob  
A ghost quoters leaves no selfie,
  To error in safety is a break down of
 effective communication skills. / Bob
You can analyze, construe, excogitate, excuse deny.
But you can't hide the truth from your heart./Bob
  The simple solutions to a dilemma is usually 
seen in the design of the problem./Bob
  You look at a man and judge him stupid. Your arrogance reminds you that you are far superior to him, and you will get it done right.  Before you make a fool of your self "Get a 3rd opinion. / Bob
Men can become friends without meeting each other,
by the values that the share in their convictions
 to the safety of others/ Bob
A ghost quoter leaves no selfie,
  You wrongly accuse a man, your speech becomes deplorable.you screen justice.Your actions prove that their are many definitions to the saying.
"So says the fool" / Bob
We teach our views, so that every one will learn to do it right.
When it goes' wrong you can only blame yourself. Bob
  A child can recognize a hypocrite./Bob  
A father beats his son for smoking with a cigarette in his mouth.
The lesson he teaches. Don't get caught./Bob
True hypocrisy of religion is defined by the phrase
  Love your enemy! while they themselves carry a machine gun./
As you ponder life, make sure you not
holding up progress./Bob
  How is it a safety inspector says he is not a hypocrite, when he breaks the speed limit while travailing to a mine for a surprise inspection./ Bob
When you take a bite of candy when the child offers it to you,
You show you appreciate his generosity.
When you don't accept his gesture, you show him his gift is not worthy of your approval /Bob
   The way I know I have the money!
My wife has my wallet,/Bob
When you sell wrong reasoning to your self, Then what you teach will be a detriment to those that follow your ideas /Bob
As the bark of a tree is the outer protection from the elements.
The integrity of a safety inspector,
is the first line of defense in securing a safety hazard / Bob
If you want Loyalty. Get a Dog /Bob
  If three people tell you, your vote will no longer count.\ Bob
When you take a bite of candy when the child offers it to you,
You show you appreciate his generosity.
When you don't accept his gesture, you show him his gift is not worthy of your approval /Bob
  You should be like a flashlight that shines on the path in front of you, not on you /Bob   Self sacrifice carries  the connotation.
 The robin plucks a worm from the earth and files to her nest and gives it to her offspring /Bob
When you sell wrong reasoning to your self, Then what you teach will be a detriment to those that follow your ideas /Bob  
The words "I should of, is the beginning of the process of learning by your mistakes / Bob
 The first step to learning and solving safety issues is to 
personally examine the area in question /Bob
 A boss that is assessing a situation from a view of his truck window 
has an apathetic attitude  /Bob
Respect for you is not the fear of you /Bob
As the monkey said "Don't blame us for your Stupidity /Bob
My father once whipped me for smoking, with a cigarette in his mouth.
I was compelled to ask. is stupidity inherited /Bob
The instructor that does not follow direction
 has credentials not suitable for discussion/ Bob
  The most respected boss
 is one that blends in with the circle of workers / Bob
The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”
– Colin Powell

Yes a
failure of leadership.”
By not following  the advice that they walk by every day/ bob
 "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning shears: nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war anymore."
Plant Explosion caught on tape.